COVID-19 Snapshot Analysis

January 12, 2023

Andrew Coomes
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Recorded at 2pm CST

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE Global COVID-19 Dashboard

Global Data

Deltas since November 18, 2021 (~14 months ago)

Global cases: 665.9M (Δ 410.6M)
Global deaths: 6.71M (Δ 1.59M)
Global case-fatality ratio: 1.008%
Percentage of global population infected: 8.32% (roughly 1 in 12) Percentage of global population deceased: 0.083% (roughly 1 in 1,200)
Vaccination doses per person: 1.65

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE COVID-19 Dashboard (US View)

US Data

Deltas since November 18, 2021 (~14 months ago)

US cases: 101.5M (Δ 54.1M)
US deaths: 1.09M (Δ 332K)
US case-fatality ratio: 1.08%
Percentage of US population infected: 30.5%
Percentage of US population deceased: 0.331% (roughly 1 in 302)
Vaccination doses per person: 1.98

Weekly new cases: Global (left), US (middle), and Oregon (right)


  • COVID-19 has been a global pandemic for 35 months
  • Vaccination rates have slowed significantly, though the US saw a Fall surge in vaccinations
  • The US is currently at an average of 1.98 vaccine doses per person, up from 1.34 just over a year ago
  • Roughly one-third of a percent of the total US population has died from COVID, with thousands of deaths per week continuing.
  • If doses were evenly spread, nearly half (41.2%) of the world would be fully vaccinated (4 doses)

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