COVID-19 Snapshot Analysis

July 13, 2020

Andrew Coomes
2 min readJul 13, 2020

Recorded at 4pm PST

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE Global COVID-19 Dashboard


Global cases: 13M
Global deaths: 571K
Global case-fatality ratio: 4.4%
US cases: 3.3M
US deaths: 135K
US case-fatality ratio: 4%
Percentage of US population infected: 1%

Daily new cases: Global (left), US (middle), and Oregon (right)


  • The outbreak continues to accelerate globally, with the US, India, Mexico, and South Africa topping the list of current outbreaks.
  • The US continues to experience its largest outbreak since March.
  • Spain may be experiencing the beginning of a renewed outbreak, after linear case counts throughout June.
  • Oregon continues to experience its worst outbreak to date, hitting record numbers of new cases every few days.

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