COVID-19 Snapshot Analysis

June 29, 2020

Andrew Coomes
2 min readJun 29, 2020

Recorded at 1pm PST

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE Global COVID-19 Dashboard


Global cases: 10.2M
Global deaths: 502K
Global case-fatality ratio: 5%
US cases: 2.5M
US deaths: 125K
US case-fatality ratio: 5%
Percentage of US population infected: 0.77% (roughly 1 in 130)

Daily new cases: Global (left), US (middle), and Oregon (right)


  • The outbreak continues to accelerate globally as many countries experience accelerated outbreaks, with the US, Brazil, and India topping the list of current outbreaks.
  • As we head into July, the US continues to observe it’s largest acceleration since March.
  • Oregon, which was relatively linear from mid-April to early June, continues to experience a nearly 300% increase in outbreak severity after jumping from 92 cases to 260 on June 8th.
  • Many countries continue to experience declines or stabilization in daily cases, particularly those hit hard early on in the crisis.

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