COVID-19 Daily Analysis

April 16, 2020

Recorded at 12:45pm PST

Johns Hopkins CSSE Global COVID-19 Dashboard


Global cases: 2.127M
Global deaths: 141K
Global lethality rate: 6.6%
US cases: 648K
US deaths: 30.9K
US lethality rate: 4.7%
Percentage of US population infected: ~0.19%
US infection index (ratio of infected) is roughly 1 in 510
NYC infection index is roughly 1 in 70


  • Global cases continue to accelerate (Δ +80K)
  • Global lethality rate continues to climb (Δ +0.1%)
  • US cases are climbing linearly (Δ +16K)
  • US lethality rate continues to climb (Δ +0.3%)


  • Lethality rates continue to climb, both in the US and globally.
  • While we can observe some overall, “big picture” leveling, the new case rate is still fluctuating wildly (see charts below).
Daily New Cases: Global (left) and US (right)

Process Notes

  • Infection indexes are rounded to the nearest 5
  • Yesterday’s update was roughly 22.5 hours ago, instead of a full 24. This means the daily deltas are likely larger than recorded here.

Analysis Introduction
April 15
April 14
April 13
April 11
April 10



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