COVID-19 Analysis Introduction

This is for you, my fellow anxious data-heads. And for anyone else who may find value in these analyses as we try to wrap our heads around this thing. (what an odd idiom)

Andrew Coomes
2 min readMar 20, 2020
Johns Hopkins CSSE COVID-19 global dashboard
Johns Hopkins CSSE Global COVID-19 Dashboard

As the coronavirus outbreak spread to the US, I set about doing something I often revert to when things feel out of control: I started writing. Specifically, I began capturing daily snapshots of data from the Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard. I missed a day here and there, but at this point it’s a daily ritual with increasing intensity, resolution, and purpose.

I’ve sent these daily updates to my wife and friends a few times, and though it helps me stay sane and informed, this coping mechanism is not their cup of tea. 🍵
While many are not calmed by having numbers presented to them about something this negative, I believe there is an audience who would benefit from data presentation and analysis. There is also an abundance of uncertainty and misinformation, so any attempt to cut through the mire has intrinsic value.

My goal is to provide information in the hope that it may clarify the changing scope of the situation we face globally and here in the US. I will provide transparent daily snapshots of the most complete and accurate data I have at hand, along with insights and takeaways based on direct observations devoid of political agenda, sensationalism, or hyperbole.
My data source is Johns Hopkins CSSE ARCGIS global dashboard.


I’m recording key data points daily for my own benefit already, and I figure why not share them publicly for anyone else who might find them interesting/helpful.

Key Updates

June 3
March 19 (first update)



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