COVID-19 Daily Analysis

April 20, 2020

Andrew Coomes
2 min readApr 20, 2020

Recorded at 1:30pm PST
NOTE: since yesterday was not recorded, all deltas are over a 2-day change

Johns Hopkins CSSE Global COVID-19 Dashboard


Global cases: 2.458M
Global deaths: 168K
Global case-fatality ratio: 6.8%
US cases: 776K
US deaths: 41.3K
US case-fatality ratio: 5.3%
Percentage of US population infected: 0.23%
US infection index (ratio of infected) is roughly 1 in 425
NYC infection index is roughly 1 in 60


NOTE: since yesterday was not recorded, all deltas reflect a 2-day difference

  • Global cases are climbing linearly (Δ +151K)
  • Global case-fatality ratio is stabilizing (no change)
  • US cases are climbing linearly (Δ +44K)
  • US case-fatality ratio is increasing (Δ +0.2%)


  • The global case-fatality ratio is stabilizing, while the US ratio continues to climb.
  • Despite daily fluctuations, the outbreak is slowing down overall.
Daily cases: Global (left) and US (right)



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