A Magical Trip

Andrew Coomes
2 min readMar 4, 2021

Which didn’t happen

Last year I had the crazy idea to present my partner with an unusual Valentine/birthday gift. Hamilton had recently become a hot commodity in our home, so I decided we were going to fly to New York to see it on Broadway.

Since we’re humongous nerds, I presented the surprise trip as a tale told through Magic: The Gathering cards. The recent expansion Throne of Eldraine showcased the game’s ability to spin tales beyond the cards themselves. What really triggered this, however, was the announcement of Unsanctioned and the introduction of Alexander Clamilton — one of the most impeccably-designed cards of all time (see above image).

Behold, the story:

Once Upon a Time, a Charming Prince decided to surprise his Beloved Princess with a Joyous Respite. An Enchanted Carriage whisked them across the kingdom to a City of Brass, where an Ancestral Statue stood tall and proud. After taking in the sights, the couple visited the theater for an Enchanted Evening. The actors were quick to Light Up the Stage, drawing the audience Into the Story of Alexander Clamilton! The princess was overjoyed, and graced her prince with True Love’s Kiss. The carriage delivered the lovebirds home, and they lived Happily Ever After.

I procured the cards, stacked them in order of reference, and penned the story in a greeting card with the stack of cards tucked inside. My partner took me all around the city for a variety of wonderful surprises throughout the day (including an MTG gauntlet with our friends), ending in a magical dinner where I handed her the card and she freaked out.

Sadly, our tale was short-lived. We booked the trip but had to cancel everything as the pandemic hit and Broadway shut down the week we were to go.

The End.



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